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Thwarting out Communal Forces is the way out to ‘Save India’ - Elyas Thumbe

Our nation India has been loved world over because of its diverse culture, religious tolerance and broad based liberty. Democracy and secularism is its very base of existence which strengthens the bonding of country’s integrity. The forefathers of our country who fought for the freedom have laid the foundation for the nation’s unity in diversity.

But, the prevailing destructive condition of our country is the concern of every peace loving citizen of our nation. People are living in a very fearful and insecure conditions because of widespread communal terror. Our history of co-existence and religious harmony is shattered because of the ongoing hate and murders in the name of religion and culture. The tentacles of communal designs have spread over to every grass root which are now curbing the fundamental rights of freedom, rights to eat- speech and even to think.

Unending incidents of killing and burning alive of Dalits and Adivasis in the name of caste and untouchability, killings of Muslims in the name of religion and culture, killings of progressive thinkers in the name of intolerance, killings of RTI activists, attacks on churches, attacks and violence in the name of holy cow, imposing false cases on NGOs, false propaganda of love jihad - forceful conversion - population growth, violent hate speeches, etc. have created an insecure atmosphere in the minds of every citizen in the country. Lynching of Muhammad Akhlaq in Dadri, burning alive of two Dalit children in Haryana and burning of an elderly Dalit in UP, killing of Narendra Dabholkar, Govind Rao Pansare, MM Kalburgi, lynching of Shahabuddin in Dimapur, Nagaland are a few of the examples apart from numerous communal riots reported in various parts of the country.

The very terrible aspect of this destruction is invisible protection by the rightist governments to the perpetrators and defending affirmations from the rightist elected representatives. Even when the international community is expressing shock over the prevailing anarchy and insecurity, the Prime Minister of our country is maintaining his studied and calculated silence. Present Indian Prime Minister has the unusual crave of floating dialogue for every matter, but, has never spoken against fascist communal terror. The Prime Minister’s so called ‘good days ahead’ proves to be good day for the rightist agenda. Hence, the self-proclaimed ‘dharma rakshaks’ are creating havoc in the country without the fear of law and order.

A systematic planning of saffronizing the country’s educational system and Indian history are going on as part of the ‘communalization of our country’, hatched by ‘Sangh’. Hate and intolerance are precisely and sensibly inducted in the syllabuses. History of kings and their monuments are treacherously portrayed as anti-Hindu. Imposing so called ‘Sanathan Culture’ in educational institutions are posing a threat to the process of nation building.

Price hike, farmers’ suicides, anti-farmer land acquisition bill, stringent unfavorable labor laws, liberal imperialist FDI policies, unholy economic and military alliance with Israel, uncontrolled mining policies and destruction of Adivasi habitats, etc. are heading the nation towards a great misery. This all blatantly shows that the government at Center is interested in safeguarding the comforts of only rightist designs and corporate agenda.

It is the time now to all peace loving Indian citizens to unite and protect the nation from the clutches of the fascist forces and their communal agenda. Keeping silent and kneeling down in front the destructive elements really helps the perpetrators to continue further with broad impunity. Our nation needs strong resistance against such anti-national elements and we all should unite to fight against this anti-people rule to build our nation on the foundation of peace and love.

BJP’s Bihar Rout
Recent Bihar assembly election is memorable not because of the victory of ‘grand alliance’ but for the humiliating defeat of BJP. Out of total 243 seats, ‘Maha Gathbandhan’, an alliance of JDU, BJD, INC bagged 178 seats and NDA, the alliance of BJP,RLSP, LJP and Manjhi’s HAM diminished to just 58 seats. BJP had a high ambition to form a government in Bihar with a scheme of grabbing Non BJP states one by one into its parlor. It had worked out many tricks to gain caste based votes in Bihar. Clasping Dalit backed parties like HAM LJP and RLSP did not fetch votes to NDA.  Prime Minister NarendraModi himself rallied many times in Bihar wherein he announced a special package of whopping Rs.1.25 lakh crores. BJP leaders used diverging cards like ‘Holy cow’ and ‘Pakistan’. Like in Loksabha, this time too, NDA had used the media profusely to impress the voters. In spite of playing all types of tricks, gimmicks and caste politics this assembly elections witnessed the destruction of BJP and its allies in Bihar. ‘Modi Wave’ proved to be a ludicrous myth.

Surprisingly BJP is slowly losing its base in Gujarat and MP as well. In the Panchayat election held in Gujarat in the month of November 2015, it has lost its 21 district Panchayat out of 31 districts and Congress gained majority of seats. In BJP ruled Madhya Pradesh too, the party has been losing its grip to Congress.  Out of 8 Municipal Committee election BJP lost in 5 local bodies. The bye election held in Ratlam Parliamentary constituency in Madhya Pradesh in December, BJP lost its seat.

By assuming power at the Center with an unprecedented majority, BJP with its RSS ideology has vested all its efforts to design BJP rule in all states in the country.  Bihar election result is a very clear indication that the people in the country have absolutely disappointed by the communal and corporate rule by the BJP. Bihar assembly election result proves that the communal politics will perish if the secular parties unite. However, the result is not an indication of popular governance by the JDU, RJD and INC, but it was peoples’ united decision to vote them in the absence of a strong alternative, to defeat communal BJP. Bihar election strategy will be likely to become a key strategy for these parties. BJP’s defeat has also devastated the sensation of ‘superman’ which was built around Modi. Yet, the ‘grand alliance’ model in Bihar has inspired all secular parties to unite and to stay on to anti-BJP alliance movement throughout the country.

The secular parties like Congress, JDU, JDS, RJD, NCP and CPM though their ideologies are based on secularism and socialism, have miserably failed to act upon it in their rule. There are several instances wherein some of these pseudo-secular parties established ties with communal parties for the sake of power. They do not follow what they preach. Dalits, Minorities, backward communities have faced series of agony during their regime. Present backwardness, poverty, hunger, fear, etc. are the result of the partisan and pro-capitalist rule by these so called secular parties. Hence, alternative secular parties like SDPI should be grown up in the country to get the share in power.

 Mandir Politics to lure Voters
It was ‘Ram Janma bhoomi Issue’ which was polarized the Hindu votes in favor of BJP to gain power at the Center. As a result BJP won and increased its number of Parliament seats in the 1989, 1991 and 1996 Loksabha elections whereas in 1984 election it got only 2 seats. The self-proclaimed ‘Ram Janma bhoomi’ issue created a sentiment of religious fervor in Hindu community to support BJP for the construction of ‘Ram Mandir’ at the site of Babri Masjid. Rathyathra, shilayathra, etc. were militant, masculine and anti-Muslim in nature. Demolition of Babri Masjid was a ghastly incident and a black dot in the history of democratic secular India. This conspiracy and barbaric act triggered waves of violence between Hindus and Muslims erupted all over the country, killing over 2,000 people and created a clear division between the two communities.

Now, Vishwa Hindu Parshad (VHP) is raking up the same issue of ‘Ram Mandir’. It has been stacking stones and doing pujas in the vicinity of Babri Masjid site. Fresh lots of stones meant for construction of ‘Ram Temple’ arrived at the office of the VHP in Ayodhya and ‘Shila Pujan’ (prayer of the stones) has been performed. Meanwhile Mahant Nritya Gopal Das said that there was a “Signal” from the Modi Government that the temple will be built “now”. The other VHP & RSS leaders are trying to keep the issue live in the minds of people by issuing statements and making propaganda of the subject of building Ram Mandir.

The “Babri Masjid – Ram Janma Bhoomi” case is still pending in the Supreme Court and there is a prevailing order of maintaining status quo. However, in the context of assembly election of Uttar Pradesh scheduled in 2017, VHP under the protection cover from Modi led BJP government at the Centre is igniting religious sentiments in Hindu community through such mischievous acts.

We should be very cautious in expressing our concern in this matter because an immediate outburst will accelerate the publicity and motif of BJP and Sangh nexus. It is the very idea of BJP/VHP to infuriate the Muslims in this matter and to enrage them to come to the streets paving way for the communal outfit to orchestrate riots aimed at polarization of votes. BJP is in a desperate move to capture power in UP assembly through any sort of venomous political game and gimmicks.

It is to be noted that the BJP and Sangh nexus has steered hundreds of communal clashes in UP during these 3 years of Akhilesh Yadav’s Samajwadi Party government through fabricated and flimsy reasons. Creating insecurity in the minds of Hinds, igniting religious sentiments and creating image of savior of Hindu Sanathan Dharma is the malicious strategy of these right wing nexus to win upcoming assembly election of UP in 2017.

Corruption with ‘Clean’ Certificate
Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival and BJP MP former cricketer Kirti Azad have made strong allegation of corruption on the Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in connection with DDCA (Delhi District Cricket Association) scam. There is a lot of melodrama in this connection as the CBI raid on CM Arvind Kejriwal’s office without any notice or genuine reason really raised the eyebrows of the opposition parties. Arvind accuses that CBI is playing buffoons at the hands of PM Narendra Modi. His allegation on CBI and PM, that the raid was nothing but to trace some documents in connection with the DDCA scam. The raid without any authenticity ridiculed the dignity of a high office of democratically elected body which compelled CM Arvind to call PM Narendra Modi as a ‘psychopath’.

In spite of BJP’s own MP’s allegation with proof and appointment of an enquiry commission by the Delhi Government to enquire in to the DDCA scam and role of Jaitley in it, PM Narendra Modi instead of ousting him, has declared Arun Jaitly as a clean man like L.K. Advani. This partisan policy of PM and BJP is mockery of the democracy.  Tainted ArunJaitly is still continuing in his portfolio shamelessly whereas BJP MP Kirti Azad is continuing to make strong allegations on him with confidence. BJP ideologue Ram Jethmalani’s outburst and support towards Kirti Azad also really symptomatic.

In another incident, the criminal complaint lodged by BJP leader Subramaniyan Swamy led to summon Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Vice President Rahul Gandhi to a local court against allegation of cheating and misappropriation of funds in acquiring ownership of now defunct daily National Herald. Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, AICC treasurer Moti Lal Vohra, Gen. Sec Oscar Fernandes, Suman Dubey and Sam Pitroda the other directors of Young Indian Ltd(YI), a company incorporated in 2010 which took over the ‘debt’ of Associated Journals Ltd (AJL), the publisher of National Herald. The allegation on them was that they have conspired to cheat and misappropriated funds by just paying Rs.50 lakh by which Young Indian obtained the right to recover Rs. 90.25 crore which the AJL had owed to the Congress Party.

Sonia Gandhi and Congress leaders were playing lot of sentimental drama and alleging on Central BJP government that this is nothing but political vengeance. Sonia Gandhi’s assertion ‘I don’t fear’ really echoes in the ears of common people in the country as why should she fear as she is encircled by political power and capability. Congress Party’s statement saying Sonia Gandhi is innocent is really ridiculous. During Congress regime thousands of youths belonging to Muslim, Dalit communities and Adivasi were pushed into jails under the draconian law UAPA for no crime committed by them and hundreds of riots were reported across the country making lives of thousands miserable. Now the congress leaders are shedding tears for the fate of their leaders. One can imagine how many thousands of parents and family members of those innocents would shedding tears for their jailed innocent sons.

Juvenile Justice Act
Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015 is a proposed Act of the Parliament of India. It aims to replace existing  Indian juvenile delinquency law, Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000, so that juveniles in conflict with Law in the age group of 16–18, involved in Heinous Offences, can be tried as adults.It was passed on 7 May 2015 by the Lok Sabha amid intense protest by several Members of Parliament. It was passed on 22 December 2015 by the Rajya Sabha as well.

There was a hue and cry across the country against letting free of a gang rape accused due to existing JJ Act. It was the concern over the age of the perpetrator accused in the horrible gang rape case in Delhi in December 2012 in which one of the perpetrator was 6 months short for age of 18 when the offence happened. In this case, a maximum punishment can be given for a juvenile is 3 years confinement in a juvenile home.

The new Juvenile Just Bill 2015 will allows the judiciary to try the accused of heinous crimes aged from 16 to 18 under Indian Penal Code. The matters should be presented to the Juvenile Justice Board on a case by case basis, which will decide then based on an assessment of the mental state of the child as whether the crime was committed with or without an understanding of its consequences.  Based on this assessment, the juvenile offenders will be treated under either IPC or the JJ Act.

There is strong resistance from several organizations and activists saying that the decision taken to amend the act was emotional, irrational and unscientific. They won’t find any justification in reducing the age of juvenile from 18 to 16 for sending them to jail. They stress to understand the psychology of the youngster, their hormonal changes and their emotional upheavals during the age of growth when he is neither a child nor an adult. Those who are opposing the JJ Act argue that the adolescent need therapeutic treatment and on the contrary imprisonment would make close proximity with criminals which may lead to treat them as their role models.

There is also a concern about the atmosphere where the child is living is the factor behind creating mental status and character. Poverty, exploitation, crime, lawlessness, obscenity, lack of education, family factor, media influence, etc. are the factors of influence on the minds and character of the child. The opinion is that the government has to rethink its policies and schemes as instead of toughening the juvenile law it should enact to protect the child and its mental growth.

Global Warming
Global Warming is the increase of Earth's average surface temperature due to effect of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels or from deforestation, which trap heat that would otherwise escape from Earth. This is a type of greenhouse effect. Too much of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere is acts as a blanket, trapping heat and warming the planet. Burning fossils fuels like coal, oil and natural gas for energy or cut down and burn forests to create pastures and plantations, carbon dioxide accumulates and overloads our atmosphere.

Climate change is the greatest environmental threat of our time, endangering our health, economy and national security. Extreme weather, sea level rise, imbalance in ecological system, increased cyclonic activity, and changes in ambient temperature and precipitation patterns, have affected or are projected to affect the subcontinent.
Impacts of global warming on climate of India
The effect of global warming on the climate of India has led to climate disasters as per some experts. India is a disaster prone area, with the statistics of 27 out of 35 states being disaster prone, with foods being the most frequent disasters. The process of global warming has led to an increase in the frequency and intensity of these climatic disasters. According to surveys, in the year 2007-2008, India ranked the third highest in the world regarding the number of significant disasters, with 18 such events in one year, resulting in the death of 1103 people due to these catastrophes. The anticipated increase in precipitation, the melting of glaciers and expanding seas have the power to influence the Indian climate negatively, with an increase in incidence of floods, hurricanes and storms. Global warming may also pose a significant threat to the food security situation in India.

According to the The Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, if the process of global warming continues to increase, resulting climatic disasters would cause a decrease in India’s GDP to decline by about 9%, with a decrease by 40% of the production of the major crops. A temperature increase of 2° C in India is projected to displace seven million people, with a submersion of the major cities of India like Mumbai and Chennai.

Floods in India
India is the most flood distressed state in the world after Bangladesh, accounting for 1/ 5th of the global deaths every year with 30 million people displaced from their homes yearly. Approximately 40 million hectares of the land is vulnerable to floods, with 8 million hectares affected by it. Unprecedented floods take place every year at one place or the other, with the most vulnerable states of India being Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Assam, West Bengal, Gujarat, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab and Jammu & Kashmir. The climatic history of India is studded with a very large number of floods, which have wreaked havoc on the country’s economy.

Other climatic disasters in India - Droughts: Of the total agricultural land in India, about 68% is prone to drought of which 33% is chronically drought prone, receiving rainfall of less than 750mm per year. This is particularly the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. The World Record for Drought was in 2000 in Rajasthan, India.

According to researches, unabated global warming will lead to exacerbation of the droughts, cutting down the water availability in the plains of Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. India’s initial National Communication to the United Nations Framework Convention (UNFCCC) on Climate Change projects that Luni; the west flowing rivers of Kutchh and Saurashtra are likely to experience acute physical water scarcity. The river basins of Mahi, Pennar, Sabarmati and Tapi are also likely to experience constant water scarcities and shortages.
The Indian economy is considered as one of the fastest growing major economies. However, the country is plagued by climatic disasters that continue to wreak havoc on its economy. As a result, majority of the people of India continue to live in poverty, with malnutrition and diseases corroding the society. In this light, a comprehensive mitigation and adaptation plan needs to be drafted and implemented for better preparation and response to such climate disasters that are generated as a result of global warming.
India should act to control the global warming coping with International measures.  While taking steps to control emissions, the government should protect welfare of the people as the measures should not affect the economic growth, alleviation of poverty, industrial production, etc.

The people of our country is struggling in the hands of communal BJP government. Instead of giving good governance for the welfare of all people of the country irrespective of cast creed color, it has the essence only in establishing saffron interests and corporate welfare. It’s proud and prodigy lies especially in the promotion of the Vedic and Brahminical ideology. At one side the BJP leaders speaks about development of all and on the other side they spew venom on minorities and Dalits.  Learning tough lessons from the election result of Bihar, the BJP may embrace new tactics to garner votes in the coming elections in the country. Obviously, inspiring from the success of Muslim Rasthriya Manch (MRM) floated by RSS, it is now preparing to form Isai Manch (IM) to deceive and exploit Christian community as well. SDPI is reaching out to the people to create awareness and unite them against these communal forces and their evil design of divisive politics.

The age old pseudo-secular parties like Congress, RJD, JDS, SP, BSP, JDU, etc. have miserably failed to fight against communal forces and communal parties. Their mild voice and even sometime silence encouraged the communal parties to grow to such an extent. These so called secular parties including CPM have done nothing to the welfare of poor people, farmers, labors and rural folk during their rule. Corruption, nepotism and hooliganism are the work force to these parties. Dynastic politics and upper cast hegemony are the controlling powers in these so called secular parties which is a mockery of democracy.

Party with Unique Features Solution to the Problems of India
Our country is respected the world over because of its diverse culture, religious tolerance and for its democratic traditions. The illustrious leaders of our country who fought for the freedom have laid the foundation for the nation’s unity in diversity. The country exists because its people believe in peaceful coexistence. But, at present, fear and suspicion have started to spread like a dark fog all over the nation. Communal terror is threatening peaceful co-existence and religious harmony.  Screams of anarchy and insecurity has been increasingly heard in the country. While the citizen are protesting against the wave of intolerance, the ruling parties just showing insensitivity.

Efforts to destruct secular values in educational system, killings of Dalits in the name of cast, lynching of Muslims in the name of beef, killings of progressive persons for questioning and criticizing the cultural shibboleths and beliefs, attacks on Christians in the name of conversion, killings of RTI activists, false cases on social and rights activists, nerve-wracking price hikes, farmers suicides, anti-farmer land acquisition bill, anti-labour laws, rampant corruption, etc. are widespread in the country. The ruling parties are not taking these issues as serious and just indulged in cast based politics and thus insulting our constitution and democracy.

After the demolition of Babri Masjid, Muslims and Dalits maintained distance from powerful political parties and started identifying and voting the regional secular parties like SP, BSP, RJD, JDU, NCP, JDS, etc. However, these regional parties instead of empowering the poor and the downtrodden communities, they exploited them for their selfish benefits.

SDPI is the alternative for all these political parties, whenever any sort of anti-constitutional and anti-people moves are adopted by the governments or by the opposition parties, be them in states or at the Centre. It is committed to protect the welfare of every citizen irrespective of his/her caste, creed and color. We have been inspired by the support of the people all over the country. As a political party we stand on our feet and through Campaigns across the country we are geared up to thwart out the communal forces in our county with the support of Masses. SDPI is committed to change the country as a welfare nation and believes that people’s welfare itself is nation’s welfare. Let’s struggle till Dalit atrocities, Caste Discrimination and Attacks on the Weak come to an End in our beloved Country. 

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